[HOW TO] Downgrade Facebook App For iOS Devices

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We all know that every newer version of the Facebook App for iOS comes with an even greater horde of problems. Facebook hasn’t been able to make the app stable till date. With the recent version (3.5) Facebook has tried making its app completely web-based. This means that they don’t need to submit a newer version to Apple to make some UI changes. They have the direct control over the App and can make any changes whenever required.

But this web type app is causing many problems. For example, the latest app doesn’t allows you to delete comments which are made under some message thread; and we all know how extremely smooth and crash-free the app has gotten. With every update, the probability that the App will crash has risen exponentially.

We at GizmoWebs will tell you how to downgrade your iOS app if you don’t like the current version.

STEP 1: Delete the Facebook application from your device and from your iTunes apps library on your computer.

STEP 2: Download the version of your choice (which you think worked best for you in the past) from your computer .(Links given below)


STEP 3: Double tap on the .IPA file and it should open in iTunes. Now just sync your device with iTunes and Voila! You have successfully downgraded your Facebook app.


Facebook Version 4.1.1  [Download]
Facebook Version 4.0 [Download]
Facebook Version 4.0.3 [Download]
Facebook Version 3.5 [Download]
Facebook Version 3.4.4 [Download]
Facebook Version 3.4.3 [Download]
Facebook Version 3.4.1 [Download]
Facebook Version 3.3.3 [Download]
Facebook Version 3.3.2 [Download]
Facebook Version 3.2.3 [Download]

Let us know in the comments section as to how this worked for you.

If you faced any sort of errors or problems, don’t hesitate to drop a line below so that we can help you on it!

Similarly you can do it with twitter.app also. Just follow here.

You may want to downgrade your iOS to an older version, follow here.

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45 Responses to “[HOW TO] Downgrade Facebook App For iOS Devices”

  1. Misty says:

    Thankyou for this! :D

  2. stefanopimenta says:

    ERROR 0xE8008001, WHY?

  3. Gopyim says:

    You Can DoWngrade This App Without Using Computer with Installous.

  4. Jmkb02 says:

    I had an error of 0xE8008001, any recommendations? thank you! Oh I have a 1g ipod touch running iOS 3.1.3, Thank you

  5. Jamesibanez says:

    I had the same error ( of 0xE8008001) while trying to downgrade to 3.4.3. Any suggestions?

  6. Aaron says:

    Same error on iPod touch 1G  with 3.1.3
    And App Store doesn’t let to install official Facebook App as it is for iOs 4.0 or greater…

  7. Travis says:

    facebook 3.5 wont show up on fileape.
    when i added the ipa from a different site to itunes it wouldnt add it to my ipod.
    i currently have 3.4.4 which is glitching and 4.0 sucks

  8. tayler says:

    Wow it worked perfectly thank you so much!

  9. Carlos Moreno says:

    does it work on itouch 1g 3.1.3 ?

  10. Jsimons9703 says:

    I keep getting the iTunes Sync error of “Facebook failed to install.” I want the 4.03 FB app back. I hate the 4.1. Please helpe!

  11. Roberto González says:

    The links are broken could you upload them again, im looking for the 3.4 ones, thanks

  12. Anonymous says:

    good work friend Gaurav Rawal.

  13. Facebook Pushes New iOS App 5.0- "Faster Than Ever" | GizmoWebs says:

    [...] the new update. But if you didn’t like it, you can downgrade back by following our tutorial here. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook Page to [...]

  14. Pidit Pandey says:

    Hi Gaurav, i accidentally deleted my old fb app on my iPhone 3g. Now i cant download new fb app as it requires ios 4.3. How can i get old app that will work on my old phone. Any suggestions??? plz help

  15. Felipe says:

    It requires an apple id authentication, than my computer isn’t authorized to use the app (version 4.1.1)! the id is asanabia from gmail, i don’t know thw password. what should i do?

  16. Anne Olaes says:

    not working because it needs your password for computer authentication…i dunno…

  17. Lu Alivio says:

    It's not working. I tried syncing it but I get an "I am not authorize warning"? I tried to authorize using my apple account but it still didn't work. thanks :)

  18. Roosmarijn Morgans says:

    Unfortunately it’s not working, because when i’m trying to synchronise it says the app is not installed because i’m not authorised for it on this computer. This is not correct, because my computer is definately authorised. Many people seem to have this problem. Do you have a solution?

  19. Michael says:

    Thanks guys, works a treat (the 4.0 one), couldn’t get 4.1.1 working due to the authorisation thing, but itunes had no issues with the 4.0 ipa registered to “steve@rim.jobs” hahahahah, nice! :P

    Fuck facebook, what a pack of dicks!

  20. Baltaretu Mihai says:

    Use 4.0.3 version or 4.0 it worked for me`!

  21. Mohamed Alzorgani says:

    tell me waht the better facebook to download it on the dam iphone 3g.

  22. Mohamed Alzorgani says:

    man tanx it's works 100 % can you do it to the nimbuzz.ipa.

  23. José says:

    thank you I’ve been looking for these links everywhere, great work!!

  24. Amanda M Kypta says:

    Failed to sync facebook from itunes pops up on my iPhone 4 after making the done syncing noise. Wtf. Tried 3.5 and 3.4.4. No luck. Tried several times.

  25. Fugitive says:

    They all downloaded fine…but it says that 4.1.1 my computer is not authorized and it is !
    4.0 and lower gives me an error message ! Will i ever get facebook again ? It requires 4.3
    and i have an Iphone 3gs.

  26. si says:

    i just get some iLivid or FDM link bullshit when i click the download links, what are you doing wrong?

  27. Bassinum says:

    My iPad just goes dark, then goes to home menu…

  28. xlnc says:

    hello Gaurav, my iphone 4 is on ios 4.1. i am unable to install facebook 4.0 or version 4.1.1 using the method listed here. what am I missing?

  29. jeff says:

    been fb-less after update on my wife jb IP4…days of anxiety. many other sites cud only complain or recommend other fb variants… but googled found your site..downloaded ver 4.0, install via Ifunbox…voila! My wife is happy now..and so am I.. So kind of you..May the good Lord bless you. Jeff

  30. 8A5H3R says:

    not working not authorized. that sucks. Facebook should just provide the IPA for the older versions it would allow them to see more usage.

  31. neba says:

    works great and Facebook and Twitter, each gave you and thank you very much

  32. Devin Dirst says:

    I have an iPod Touch 2G. I recently updated the OS and like everyone else the Facebook app broke. I followed your steps to downgrade Facebook and I get not authorized like everyone else. How do I get past the not authorized?

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